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"We had no idea that our firm actually qualified. Needless to say, this is a
huge deal to our business this year. Thank you."

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"I really had no idea my kind of company would qualify to receive compensation from BP after the oil spill. We are not located on a beach, nor do we provide services that I believed qualified. I’m sincerely grateful to your team for your assistance."

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Our unique system, refined over decades of successful compensation recovery, determines your eligibility and maximum claim amount. And it doesn’t cost anything to generate and file a claim—we only get paid if you get paid. We use a proprietary software that quickly and correctly goes through the 1,000 + page BP settlement document to maximize your claim.

Your business may be eligible for compensation under the terms of the BP Settlement Agreement. Very few types of businesses are excluded from filing a claim. And even if you've already settled you may be eligible for additional compensation. Does your business qualify? It’s easy to know for sure—click for a free case review or call us at (800) 304-6703 now to find out.

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We don’t get paid unless you get a settlement

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Our proprietary software collects and processes your information accurately and quickly. Your BP claim team includes experienced claims analysts and data engineers. We also work with a number of law firms. And there’s no risk to you; no charge unless you receive an award.